Micro-precision drills for the precise manufacture

Carbide and HSS-E-PM-micro-precision drills for the precise manufacture of smallest holes from 0.05 mm to 3.0mm diameter Guhring’s micro-precision drill range including carbide and powder metallurgical high speed steel(HSS-E-PM) is optimally suitable for the production of the smallest holes in all fields of application. The manufacture of highly accurate small diameter holes requires maximum quality […]

High performance HSCO and HSS-E-PM twist drills

Universal and highly efficient twist drills GU 500 – Universal HSCO Twist drills             Universal HSCO twist drill for particularly dimensionally accurate holes Advantages and application: Universal application in most materials 40facet point grind for excellent self-centering and especially dimensionally accurate holes Low feed forces and torque values thanks to […]

TiN-Tip Coated HSS jobber drill set

TiN-tip coated HSS jobber drill at unique price-performance ratio The TiN-coating at the tip of the tool reduces tool flank and crater wear and, therefore, increases performance of the HSS jobber drills. The bright flute surface minimises friction during chip evacuation and improves the machining of materials where the chips have a tendency to jamming […]

Twist drill range with internal coolant feed

Type RT 100 U twist drill for machining structural steels, carbon steels and mixed machining For the drilling of long and short chipping materials such as structural and case hardened steels, cast steels, heat-treatable steels and alloyed steels with a tensile strength of up to app. 1200 N/mm2, including carbon steels, bronze, cast iron and […]

Advantages and range of application for twist drills

Twist drills considerably reduce machining costs, especially in expensive machining centers flexible machining systems and transfer lines. Ration drills offer a new dimension, particularly with regard to quality and  quantity. Ratio drills are high performance tools; our answer to the latest developments in machining  technology: highspeed machining(HSC) dry machining quasi dry machining (minimal lubrication technique, dry […]

Hole quality of carbide drill

Hole quality characteristics (HSS drill vs Carbide drill)

Produced by a type N Tin-coated HSS drill, DIN 338, Guhring no. 651 *held in side lock holders to DIN 1835 part 2. Produced by type RT100 spiral fluted carbide deep hole drill, Guhring no. 1181 *held in side lock holders to DIN 1835 part 2. The overall total of the maximum positive and negative […]

Deep Hole Twist Drills

Carbide spiral flute drills Available ex-stock now: The spiralflute deep hole drill RT 100 T. The program includes standard drills for drilling depths up to 15 x D. 20 x D. 25 x D. 30 x D and 40 x D. The RT 100 T ex-stock range offers an outstanding cost-performance-ratio as well as availability. […]